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All Woman Training

Q: What is the training season for MBIM?

A: We are training all year long!! Please visit our calendar to see "Special Events", FREE workouts, workshops and different training options including triathlon training, swim stroke improvements clinics( indoor and out), cycling, running and Warrior Dash

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Q: What is the cost to train with MBIM?

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 Q: Where do we train for triathlon in the summer?

A: We have 4 meeting places. Walkers/Hwy #5, Alton Village, MM Robinson (Guelph line/Upper Middle, Gulliver’s Lake Hwy 6/Safari Rd. Our benchmark workouts( from May to August on Saturday mornings) will be right at the race site to mentally and phyically prepare us for race day.


Q: How will I know what we are doing each week?

A: Our head coach will be sending out a calendar showing you where we are and what we are doing. Before every workout you will get another e-mail explaining more about the route/map and what you need to bring that week. Before each workout we will divide into training groups with our Team Leaders to train with others at the same fitness level.


Q: What triathlon are we training for?

IronGirl Canada in Grimsby-

All races, sometimes others besides triathlon


Q: Can I pick another race this season if I can’t make this date or want to do more races?

A: Yes, there are other races in Ontario-


Q: What are the distances of the Triathlon?

A: For the Super Sprint (AKA Try-Tri) it’s ~ 375m swim, 10k bike, 2.5k run

For the sprint it’s ~ 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run


Q: What do I need for the swim?

A: Goggles, a swim cap (not the colour black) and a bathing suit (you don’t need a wetsuit). Wetsuits are optional. If you are not a confident swimmer, you may want to try a wetsuit but, before your race at one of the open swim. You can rent wetsuits at our affiliate Foot Tools


Q: What do I need for the bike?

A: A road OR mountain bike, a helmet and a water bottle holder with a water bottle and air in your tires before each workout.


Q: What do I need for the run?

A: Running shoes and whatever clothes you feel comfortable in running


Q: How will I know what to do on race day?

A: During the training we will fully inform you of what you will need to do on race day and what you will have to do. We will even be meeting at the race site a few times to train on the race track (bike/run) so you will be very comfortable with the route and know what to expect

 Q: I am not a swimmer and am scared of the swim part for the race, what do I do for that?

A: There are many women on the team that feel this way too. The race will start in the water and what you can do is, once the horn goes for you to start, wait a min for the people in front of you to go, then you start. Or you can stay off to the sides as well if you like. They start the race in ‘heats’ so 20 or so woman start at once NOT a huge crazy crowed...then 3min later the next ‘heat’ starts  We will practice this at our open swims (example, all entering the water at same time, just like race day)

 Q: I am not a biker, what do I do for that part of the race?

A: During your training we will show you how to use your gears, conquer hills and take on the straight always. During the race you can bike at your own pace, no pressure 


Q: I am not a runner, what do I do for that part of the race?

A: A lot of the woman either walk the run or do a run/walk combo. What ever gets you to the finish line baby!!! We will practice the bike to run so your legs will know how it will feel and how to react. This practice is called a “brick workout”.


Q: Can I get extra help with either my bike/swim or run?

A: Yes, we have “Sport Mentors”. These are ladies who either are certified in their sport or have much race experience (and strength) in this sport. Before each workout, we will ask who would like to spend some time in a small group of one coach to every 6 athletes. For example, at the lake, you will go to the beach (shallow water) and your swim coach can help you with your swim stroke

To find out more about special training clinics for swim stroke improvement, personal training specific to sport, group cycling and running, visit Second Wind Conditioning programs or contact Coach Nancy at nancy@secondwindconditioning.caTake a look