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Confessions from a "Newbie"! Linda shares her thoughts

Posted by secondwindconditioning on August 12, 2016 at 6:40 AM

"Open Water Swimming: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!

So, I have less than a month for my very first tri and I'm not going to lie, I am a little worried...worried and scared.

Let's start with the GOOD...hmmm, lake water is refreshing!! That's it...that's all I have on the positives of swimming in a lake. I can now move on to the Bad and the Ugly.

Let it be known that it has been years since I've been in a lake and I certainly wasn't swimming laps. Perhaps I jumped off a dock then doggy paddled to the shore, however even that is questionable.

I thought for some reason since I knew how to swim when I was sixteen, I could pick it up again know, like riding a bike. Let's just say this is not the case.

Let's talk about the BAD. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this swimming thing. I've always loved watching swim events during the Olympics and more recently watching the awesome women of Mommy's/Babes in Motion swim in Gulliver's Lake. Great stride and good form, this group of mine, really makes it look easy.

It may sound funny but out of the three sports in a triathlon, swimming is the sport that I'm drawn to the most. I can envision myself being really good at it...I want to be good at it. I feel that I may possibly have some potential at being good at it, however I'm not seeing the progress that I thought I would.

Which leaves me to the UGLY--I'll be here for a while. What the "F" am I going to do if I can't swim 375 meters in the friggin lake? Can you tell, anxiety is setting in?

There was only a handful of women who were there when I went to Gulliver's for the first time. We were doing entrance and exit drills. Simply enter the water either being at the front of the pack, middle or back, swim around the dock and exit. Do this 3 times. What a nightmare!!! I tried to be cool and remain calm but that all fell to shit when I jumped into the lake and took in a mouth full of water. BRUTAL!! Sadly, it got worse. Barely made it to the dock, doggy paddled around the dock, then flipped on my back to make it to shore again, all of this with an audience, of course, because clearly I was the last one out of the lake. It's a bit of a blur, but I think we did the drill again and it didn't get any better. I would like to say it was postpartum hormones, but when Coach Gail asked how I was feeling, I cried on her shoulder like my five month old. Deflated, humiliated and discouraged was definitely how I was feeling. The only thing that kept me there was the fact that despite my poor performance, I had the MBIM crew cheering me on, congratulating me for coming out and supporting me with there kind words.

How can I give up when I have support like that??

On my drive home, I reflected and realized how badly I wanted to accomplish this goal.

I've wanted to do a triathlon for so long. It never really seemed like a possibility because I'm not and never was great at any of the three sports that a triathlon entails. Everyone has a story and let's just say mine has lead me here.

I'm going to keep an open mindset and say I'm not a good swimmer....YET!!

I will continue to practice. Fingers crossed that I see you at the finish line ladies! ����

Till next time,


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