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Blog #3 ~ Mommy in Motion, Linda

Posted by secondwindconditioning on July 15, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Let's talk workout gear.


Workout’re either a junkie for it or not. The question is; is it necessary for ones performance? 


Maybe this stems from my single days or the fact that I had extra money to burn or possibly being a little vain-- who knows? I’ve always liked looking like I belonged to the activity I was participating in; however this came at a hefty price tag. If I was playing basketball, I needed high tops, you know to protect my ankles. For yoga, I needed Lulu Lemon attire, sweatband included because who goes to yoga class with a pair of shorts?? Crazy!  When I joined a running group with a friend, off to the running store I went for every possible thing a runner may need.... water bottle belt, reflective shorts, shirt, jacket, running hat and this continued with every activity I tried. 


You might be thinking, is all this necessary? My answer, A big fat NO, especially when you are trying a new sport, activity or hobby for the first time. Let’s keep it real--sometimes you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on equipment and attire. Or if you’re in mom mode, you might feel guilty indulging on yourself when you could put it towards the family. Then there are others like my husband, who doesn’t give a hoot about his attire or fancy equipment. His work out gear consists of old ratty t-shirts and shorts from the 90’s. I try to tell him that his outfit doesn’t wick away sweat but he always reminds me that winners are made up of drive and dedication not dry fit fibers. Lol!! Hey whatever works I guess.




Let's take a look at training for a triathlon. This is a sport with 3 combined activities. How would one be able to afford being part of this? I may have mentioned that participating in a triathlon is a “little” intimating to me, but equally intimidating was the thought of possibly spending thousands of dollars on equipment. I can happily say that MBIM eased my anxiety and assured me that as long as I have “air in my tires, a helmet, runners and a bottle of water I’m good to go”. It’s so admirable to see women that don’t have race bikes whizzing by like rock stars, or women who choose not to wear cycling shoes and are still breaking times, or my favourite swimming in the lake with no wetsuit. Amazing!! No excuses will stop these athletes from achieving their goals and I’m proud to be part of it.


In a nutshell:


Always consider your wants over needs...Do you really need the $80 Under Armour t.shirt or will the ones on sale do the trick?

Don’t compromise on safety...if you are a night runner make sure you have reflective gear.

Choose wisely on what you want to invest in and know this can be done over time.

If you are part of a group where you feel like you don’t quite belong (attire, appearance or skill) find another group because you should feel welcomed and encouraged not discouraged.

Know that people have achieved great things with just a pair of running shoes...our Canadian hero Terry Fox


So… if you see someone running or cycling whose outfit doesn’t match their shoes, cut them some slack and instead give them a honk of encouragement. They are on their way to great things.


Till next time,




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