Mommy's & Babe's in Motion~ All Women Training

All Woman Training

Head Coach Nancy Hastings 

It all started by saying YES to doing my very first triathlon.......
As I worked out at the gym with my friend, she said I am going to do a triathlon. I said ok, I will do that with you. ( Once you announce it, you now have to do it So, I thought well, lets get more training buddies.My life evolved. I grew to make more friendships, go on some wonderful trips to include races and as often as I could, bring my kids to watch.I know my triathlon accomplishments has influenced their sports active lifestyle. Second Wind Conditioning is very proud to represent all Mommy's and Babe's in Motion .

Yoga Mentor~ Carol


Paul is the owner of With his years of experince and clam cool manner we are excited to be working with him. Here is waht he has to say about himself.
"I've always been an athlete and I have seen the negatives of what happens when people stop training and get out of shape. I take a holistic point of view and believe that you should treat the whole body. I want to help people who are yung at heart to keep thir bodies that way too.
I want to change the view of an aging body. I believe we can stay as active and as mobile as we want to be for as long as we want.
Through strength training I want to show woman how strong they can really be. It's not only good for their bones but an empowered woman is a beautiful sight!
I'm excited to improve the performance of the ladies on this team and teach them the proper techniques to help them become the strong fit selves they want to be"

Bike Mentor~ Scott Dennis

Scott Dennis, bike enthusiast, is the owner and operator or Rock and Road Cycle; Burlington's local full service bike shop. Rock and Road's focus is exceeding customer expectations through quality craftsmanship, honest, reliable customer service and product excellence.
Rock And Road Cycle and Sports Inc.
2501 Guelph Line
Burlington, Ontario.

Rehab and Injury Prevention~ Christina Drew

Owner of Kinetic Physiotherapy
M.Sc.PT , B.Sc.KIN
Registered Physiotherapist
A.R.T certified, STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, Baptiste Power Yoga Cert.
As a Physiotherapist, Pilates and yoga instructor, and mentor, Christina has always had a passion for helping people prevent and rehabilitate injuries and reach their maximum potential. Having been an elite athlete herself she understands the commitment, passion, and training that it takes to achieve your goals and be great! It also takes a great sense of body awareness and being truthful with what your body is telling you.
On her spare time Christina loves cycling, yoga, Pilates, and walking her dogs. Most of all she loves spending quality time with her husband and 2 children.

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