Mommy's & Babe's in Motion~ All Women Training

All Woman Training

Head Coach Nancy Hastings 

It all started by saying YES to doing my very first triathlon.......
As I worked out at the gym with my friend, she said I am going to do a triathlon. I said ok, I will do that with you. ( Once you announce it, you now have to do it So, I thought well, lets get more training buddies.My life evolved. I grew to make more friendships, go on some wonderful trips to include races and as often as I could, bring my kids to watch.I know my triathlon accomplishments has influenced their sports active lifestyle. Second Wind Conditioning is very proud to represent all Mommy's and Babe's in Motion .

Swim Mentor~ Ann Schnurr

I have always loved to swim. There was very little for me to do as a kid and even less money to do it with. Swimming was cheap and something to do while my mom and dad worked.  Fast forward 40 years, after an education, marriage (2017 is year 33) , working in the business world and raising 3 kids, I have rediscovered one of my first loves. I have learned many new life skills and life lessons and discovered other lifelong loves, including open water swimming, running, cycling and of course triathlons. I have renewed and expanded my swimming to include swim, lifesaving, first aid, and lifeguard instructing, and I am now a certified swim coach. I also have been a fitness instructor and I am a triathlon coach. I have led many learn-to-run clinics, some indoor ‘brick’ classes and triathlon clinics. My favorite thing to do is to pass on my love of water to everyone including you! I want to help people of all ages move through the water comfortably and efficiently. My hope is that you will discover a new strength and feeling of well-being while swimming.

Team Leader ~ Julie Riddle

I began running to lose weight and got hooked. I've been running various distances and races for close to 10 years. It helps me stay motivated, be healthy and be a good role model for my little girls. I have raced fun races like the 5k Santa race (5 times!) and challenged myself with obstacle course races. I have run at least 10 half marathons and the Around the Bay 30k road race.I love doing triathlons to challenge my body and mind. I love being strong and fit and healthy. This will be my 5th year with Mommies in Motion. It's been such a fabulous experience to help me reach my goals. I am happy to help out this year in a mentor role!

Bike Mentor~ Scott Dennis

Scott Dennis, bike enthusiast, is the owner and operator or Rock and Road Cycle; Burlington's local full service bike shop. Rock and Road's focus is exceeding customer expectations through quality craftsmanship, honest, reliable customer service and product excellence.
Rock And Road Cycle and Sports Inc.
2501 Guelph Line
Burlington, Ontario.

Lead Mentor~ Stefanie Carrol

I'm a wife and mom of 3 kids - 2 teens and a 9 year old. I've never been "athletic", in fact I'm rather clutzy, but I have always been able to run and swim. I'm not fast but can just "go" a long time and I always thought my cross country running was the only reason I ever passed phys-ed! haha. While Triathlon's are done on an individual level, the MBIM group makes it a team sport...

Rehab and Injury Prevention~ Christina Drew

Owner of Kinetic Physiotherapy
M.Sc.PT , B.Sc.KIN
Registered Physiotherapist
A.R.T certified, STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor, Baptiste Power Yoga Cert.
As a Physiotherapist, Pilates and yoga instructor, and mentor, Christina has always had a passion for helping people prevent and rehabilitate injuries and reach their maximum potential. Having been an elite athlete herself she understands the commitment, passion, and training that it takes to achieve your goals and be great! It also takes a great sense of body awareness and being truthful with what your body is telling you.
On her spare time Christina loves cycling, yoga, Pilates, and walking her dogs. Most of all she loves spending quality time with her husband and 2 children.